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RegMedNet eBook – raw materials for CAR-T production

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In this eBook, we take a look at what recent advancements have been made for CAR-T
therapies, including different strategies that could help overcome various manufacturing
obstacles. We also explore how the use of serum-free media has gained traction, especially when considering commercial-scale manufacturing.

Contents include:

  • [INTERVIEW] A closer look into serum-free media: 60 seconds with Ulla Schultz
  • [APPLICATION NOTE] Highly efficient T cell manufacturing process with reduced handling steps using CellGenix® reagents in the G-Rex® system
  • [OPINION] Why it's important to avoid the use of serum in your CAR-T manufacturing process 
  • [INFOGRAPHIC] How different parameters influence your final CAR-T cell product
  • [SPECIAL REPORT] Engineering chimeric antigen receptor-natural killer cells for cancer immunotherapy
  • [INFOGRAPHIC] How to choose the best T-cell medium for your CAR-T cell manufacturing process 
  • [REVIEW] Chimeric antigen receptor T cells immunotherapy: challenges and opportunities in hematological malignancies 
  • [REVIEW] Implications of T cell receptor biology on the development of new T cell therapies for cancer

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